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Where Did My Purpose Go?

Posted by Gary Lavoie on Mar 24, 2016 1:20:02 PM

...said every Claims Adjuster.

The past few months we’ve been talking about Return To Work, and specifically a changing industry working hard to overcome the musculoskeletal shift that is the root cost driver in the workers’ compensation insurance segment.  What we know is that the moment a negative psychosocial component is introduced at the onset of a claim, that “6-figure eye roll,"  naturally causes the injured worker to go into benefit preservation mode. 

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There's a Macaw On My Shoulder - How Workers’ Compensation Adjusting Has Changed Course

Posted by Gary Lavoie on Oct 22, 2015 7:00:00 AM

It certainly isn't happening today, but at one point in time a claim rep would spend a considerable amount of time in the field.  I can imagine how that might sound to today’s claims community; “in people’s homes?!”  Yup, in injured employees’ actual homes, taking statements, working through the details and dealing with all the elements that come along with it.  Today, the life of an adjuster is very different.  Today a claim rep's desk is so jam-packed, so completely full, drowning in stacks of bills to pay that there is no way they are going out in the field to meet an injured worker in person.  What's happening in case loads today that impact our ability to generate positive outcomes?

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