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The Legacy of Teresa E. Craig

Posted by Sebastian Grasso on Jul 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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Windham_Group_TeresaECraigWindham Group exists because of great people.  People who work tirelessly. People who despite the challenges in our industry continue to champion our cause of getting injured workers' back to work.  Windham Group can be traced back to one person who had a vision, who knew she could make a difference,  who found a problem that she knew she could solve. With that vision, Windham Group was born. For twenty-seven years we have used the springboard she built, we continue to refine how we help people find meaning in life from helping them get back to work.

We lost one of our greatest people this week, Teresa E. Craig, our founder.  

Teresa E. Craig was an educator, a world traveler, an oil painter and a collector of the arts.  Instrumental in her development of what would become Windham Group was her profession as a vocational rehabilitation counselor.  In the early days of Windham Group Teresa employed her two sons, Michael and Sebastian.  Michael, a highly skilled ergonomist and Sebastian, a trained vocational rehabilitation counselor.  Under Teresa's tutelage, Windham Group was born. 

Tenacity, spunk and a general "nose to the grindstone" mentality is what allowed Windham Group to thrive.  Teresa created the foundation of what Windham Group is today.  Our mission, our vision today all point back to where everything started in Teresa's kitchen in Windham, NH. in 1989.  

While incredibly saddened by her passing, her fire is still lit within us here at Windham Group.  The legacy of Teresa E. Craig is that of a 27 year old business that exists to help people get back up on their feet.  We get to work for a company that is actually doing something.   With every success story of getting someone back to work,  we are tipping our hats to you.

Thank you, Teresa.
May you rest easy.

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