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Return To Work Success : A Landscaper And A Janitor

Posted by Lara Cole on Feb 4, 2016 8:00:00 PM

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Landscaper with right hip, neck and lower back injuries

Landscaping is a rough job that uses hand and RTW_landscaping.jpgpower tools or equipment. Workers perform a myriad of tasks including laying sod, mowing, trimming, planting, digging, and even snow removal in the off season. The work can be arduous. A valuable landscape employee that had sustained hip, neck and lower back injuries was able to recover enough to be cleared to return to modified duty work. The work release had restrictions that included not lifting more than 10 pounds, and no more than 50 minutes of sitting or standing. For many these work restrictions would be an insurmountable obstacle to a successful return to work. To make things harder, the employer had laid the injured employee off and replaced them with a new worker. Our Return To Work team took the modified duty work restrictions and collaborated with the employer to identify an alternate position for the employee that was immediately available, and within the injured workers' abilities with the implementation of simple job task rotation and regular breaks.

Janitor with a left knee injury

Work abilities included no kneeling RTW_janitor.jpgor squatting, limited standing and walking up to 40 minutes per hour.  We worked with the employer to develop a modified original position which included the injured worker working with another employee to avoid performing tasks outside of their restrictions, in addition to taking regular rest breaks to accommodate the current standing and walking abilities.  The employer informed the claim handler that they would be extending a Job Offer to the injured worker for the modified original position and the file was closed and marked as a successful Return To Work.

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