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Connecting for the Win-Win with Claims

Posted by Mike Pringle on Feb 6, 2017 5:00:00 PM

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From a claims perspective, the success of a work injury claim gets judged by the overall claim cost. The two major components of claim costs are medical treatment expenditures, and the time an injured employee is out of work receiving indemnity benefits. The natural instinct is to develop strategies that mitigate these two cost components simultaneously. In doing so, a contradiction develops: the more medical care that’s disapproved or delayed, the longer an injured employee is out of work waiting for treatment.


 If “winning” can be applied to managing a claim successfully it usually doesn’t involve bulldozing the claimant and the medical provider. Instead, most would favor collaboration. Rowing a boat with one oar gets you nowhere. An army of one just doesn’t work. The partnership of early medical case management and ergovention with claims expertise provides the necessary catalyst for the development of a proactive return-to-work plan that benefits everyone.

Topics: Rising Indemnity and Medical Costs

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