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Claim Costs vs. Service Value

Posted by Mike Pringle on Feb 15, 2017 4:00:00 PM

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In the claims arena, you focus on the cost of a service rather than the potential value a service may add to your claim. You buy services for what they cost rather than what they do.  You assume you’re adding value to your claim by controlling cost and passing on service that has value.


When you find yourself sorting services into categories and price, you’ve become another cog that does what many others do, and reacts as many others react, and can never be changed like all those others. Having such a perspective is sad. Lower costs and less value are a refuge for underestimation.

The alternative is to do the challenging work of drawing attention and earning a reputation for identifying valuable service over costly disadvantage. In doing so, you raise service into a mind-set defined by meaning and possibility. A strong made-to-order RTW plan on the surface may seem pricey, but the value of such a plan is priceless.

Topics: Rising Indemnity and Medical Costs

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