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Sebastian began his career in workers compensation as the co-founder of Windham Group 23 years ago. His mission is to restore injured worker productivity while reducing his customers total cost of risk. He has a healthy obssesion with return to work. The sole focus of his organization is to return injured workers to their original jobs post injury. As the leader of Windham Group, Sebastian has taken the organization from a regional case management company to a national leader in return to work services. He holds a masters degree in rehabilitation counseling.
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The Six Figure Eye Roll - Handling Musculoskeletal Injuries At Work

Posted by Sebastian Grasso on Mar 27, 2015 4:00:00 PM

Musculoskeletal Injuries Drive Employers Crazy

What is it about handling musculoskeletal injuries at work that drive all but the most sophisticated employers, nuts? It’s not just the employer either. It’s the claim rep. too. Walk into any workers compensation claims operation and notify the claims team that they will be divided into two segments. Half will be handling only ‘acute’ injuries (burns, head injury, lacerations etc..) and the other half will only be handling musculoskeletal or cumulative trauma injuries (carpal tunnel, strains/sprains, epicondylitis, etc...).  Ask how many of them volunteer to handle only musculoskeletal claims and I’ll bet you’ll hear crickets.

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