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The $10 Fix That Got A Quality Control Technician Back To Work

Posted by Lara Cole on Oct 7, 2015 7:30:00 AM

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Windham Group was asked to come on site to evaluate and treat the work environment  to help identify contributing factors to the injured workers' pain, reduce the physical demands of the job to match the current physical abilities and ultimately allow for continued return to work.


A 53 year old Quality Control Technician currently working light duty was at risk of going back out of work due to pain and discomfort in their shoulder.  The Quality Control Technican was responsible for checking the quality of product entering the shipping/receiving center in boxes weighing between 10 – 50lbs, bags weighing 50lbs, and 50 gallon drums.  



  • Lifting/carrying requirements of up to 50lbs
  • The use of portable stairs to assist in the maneuvering of large boxes
  • Maneuvering boxes above shoulder and head height


  • Self awareness of body posture throughout job specific movements
  • Training on ergonomics with a focus on proper lifting/carrying techniques
  • Assistance available to break down large pallets
  • Providing technician with a portable lift table to assist in maneuvering of large boxes/containers
  • Utilizing a roll up sled to slide 50lb bags from the pallet onto the cart
  • Roll up sled reduces the level of friction physically experienced directly effecting the force required to manipulate 


" I got him the sled recommended in the evaluation report and that seems to be helping. His recovery is progressing, and we continue to make the necessary accommodations.  It was great to see getting him back to work was Windham Group's top priority"
 Risk Manager, Manufacturer


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Click here to download a recent Case Study: Getting a Pitman at a Foundry Back to Work